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Key COVID information and Frequently Asked Questions

An important COVID note:

Due to the continued reality of COVID-19, all singers, conductors, and audience members are required to wear masks for rehearsals and performances.  In addition, PMYC will mitigate risk as much as possible by continuing to practice physical distancing, use hand sanitizer regular, all for airflow and air exchange during rehearsals through the use of fans, HEPA filters, open windows, and regularly changing spaces. 

More details information about COVID and our protocols:

Singing has been a hot topic, and as we long to sing together again indoors and in person, we’ve looked carefully into how to do so safely, particularly with our unvaccinated singers.  The great news is that research consistently shows that the initial fears around singing and spreading COVID are much less relevant in a small and carefully managed setting than many of us initially believed.  Because of early  'super spreader' events which involved choirs, it was (not unreasonably) extrapolated that singing was a high risk activity in terms of potentially spreading airborne droplets.  For example, from an article in Music Education from last spring,  "Many of the choirs reported on as ‘super-spreaders’ would have involved up to 100 or more adults, many of whom were in high risk age groups, singing for up to 90 minutes in a poorly ventilated space."  This is a very different situation than what we're looking at with Pro Musica. Research stresses that with masks, proper distancing, and no 'shouty' singing, singing can be on a par with speaking.  Furthermore, only two of our five groups will be unvaccinated.  With the majority of our groups comprised of vaccinated singers, (which we require,) the risks truly plummet.

Educators through the National Federation of State High School Associations tell us that following the protocols of masking, distancing, and filtration will reduce the chance of virus transmission between musicians, and that of the millions of students who’ve already been rehearsing in school music programs, there have been no known COVID cases when the proper protocols are followed.  The protocols which we will follow with all of our singers are:


  1. Mask all singers. 

  2. Follow current CDC recommendations for 3-feet of distancing.

  3. Observe the recommended 30 minute rehearsal periods to limit the amount of aerosol that can accumulate.  With our older groups, we'll accomplish this by moving to a different space after 30 minutes, as well as having short outdoor activities mid-rehearsal.

  4. Afterwards, clear the rooms for a minimum of one air exchange period.

  5. When rehearsing, have doors open and windows cracked in the indoor rehearsal space.  We'll also be using box fans to allow for increased ventilation.

  6. Continue to use good hygiene with hand-washing and hand sanitizer.

What are the different ensembles, and which one is right for my child?

PMYC welcomes singers in 2nd grade through high school. PMYC is four separate singing groups called ensembles, giving every singer a place, no matter their experience! Each ensemble is designed to offer rewarding and fun performance opportunities and enriching experiences for your child to develop artistically, vocally and personally. All ensembles come together for most performances. The ensembles are: Primo Coro (2nd through 4th grade); Canterini (4th through 8th grade); Harmonia (8th through high school); and A Cappella (mixed voice, 8th through high school). 

Where are rehearsals held?

Rehearsals for all ensembles take place in the choir room and Sanctuary at First United Church, 848 Lake Street, in Oak Park. Singers are asked to enter through the wooden door that can be accessed from the parking lot at the back of the church. There is a doorbell to ring if the door is locked. 

How much is tuition?

2021-2022 Tuition Rates are:​​

Primo Coro:  $420

Canterini: $650

Harmonia: $950

A Cappella: $700

Harmonia & A Cappella: $1,390 ($260 discount!)


We offer a sibling discount as well as a multi-ensemble discount.

We believe all singers should have the opportunity to join our Chorus, regardless of a family's financial status.

Financial aid is available and can be applied for during the registration process -- or just email to learn more.

What is the performance schedule?

All families receive an annual overview of events and concert, as well as regular newsletters with reminders.  Performance highlights for our first semester are:

  • Oct. 26                       Fall Concert

  • Dec. 4                       Pro Musica sings with The Joffrey's "The Nutcracker" 

  • Dec. 11 and 12         Sing We Joyous

  • Dec. 18                      Holiday Sing, Downtown Oak Park

When and where do auditions take place?

PMYC does not require auditions or previous experience. However, in order to ensure your child is placed in the ensemble that best fits their skill level conductors will do Placement Assessments early in the season; this is simply an opportunity to 'get to know your voice', and there is no need to prepare anything -- just come with a great attitude and desire to sing.

What are the uniform/concert costumes?

There are two uniform looks that singers in Pro Musica wear—a formal and an informal uniform.  Instructions for ordering the proper attire are provided during registration.

Where do the ensembles of PMYC perform?

The ensembles regularly perform locally at a variety of venues in the greater Oak Park area and Chicago.

In the past Pro Musica has had the opportunity to perform with Joffrey Ballet, Chicago Youth Symphony, the Symphony of Oak Park and River Forest, Tower Chorale, and with a number of professional vocal groups. Our performances reach a diverse audience and are in diverse settings including Auditorium Theatre, Chicago Symphony Center, Wire, Fitzgerald’s Nightclubs and many community churches.

Where do I purchase concert performance tickets?

Tickets are usually sold prior to the show. We accept cash, checks and major credit cards. 

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