NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, several changes will be in place for the 2020-2021 season for the safety of our singers and their families. PMYC will NOT be in live performances; we will hold OUTDOOR in-person rehearsals with many precautions in the early fall and early spring, and will hold online rehearsals for the rest of the season. Both in-person and online rehearsals will be shorter in length and include time for social interaction and for music theory. All singers will work on both short-term musical projects and full-ensemble works to be presented online at the end of each semester.

Primo Coro - 2nd through 3rd/4th grade

Primo Coro is our entry-level group for 2nd, 3rd,and 4th grade singers and is designed to introduce them to the choral experience and help them discover the unique abilities of their voice. Primo Coro singers should be able to independently read full sentences. Through one-hour weekly rehearsals and regular performances, members of Primo Coro learn about healthy vocal production, sing in unison and two parts, practice and perform basic rhythmic notation, sing in solfege, and discover new musical terms and symbols. Primo Coro singers develop poise and confidence while building a sense of responsibility for themselves within an ensemble.
In the 2020-21 season, Primo Coro will explore different and new kinds of music, from musicals and pop songs to folk songs and concert pieces. They will learn and improve in their music reading skills, incorporate movement and rhythm in their performing, and use their skills to create fun audio recordings and videos that we’ll share with our families.

Primo Coro rehearsal time: Group A at 4:00-4:25 Group B 4:30-4:55

Primo Coro Event and Rehearsal Calendar